OSS has created the first and only gunshot survival pack that is 100% effective at stopping arterial bloodflow and fits inside a standard uniform shirt pocket. To date OSS Patrol Pocket Packs are credited with eight (8) "OFFICER LIVES SAVED"!

FORT WORTH OFFICER SHOT THREE TIMES - http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/health/189147551.html

Two-Thirds of all preventable police officer deaths are due to severe hemorrhaging, caused by penetrating trauma injuries such as arterial gunshot wounds. Many great medical advances have been made on the battlefield in critical lifesaving equipment to directly combat the mortality rate from these types of injuries. OSS is now leading the way in officer survival by applying this new lifesaving technology on our streets for all Law Enforcement Officers to use for self treatment or treatment of another officer.

The ability to reach wounded officers within moments of injury, especially penetrating trauma injuries, can mean the difference between life and death. OSS has created these advanced lifesaving kits that have been proven 100% effective in stopping arterial blood flow. These packs are designed to be deployed by officers with no medical experience or emergency medical training. They are to be used for self treatment or treatment of another officer. These advanced lifesaving kits play a critical role in mitigating any line of duty death and now make it feasible for every Law Enforcement Officer to carry a pack on their person without affecting their daily operations.

“The question is not IF, the question is WHEN, and will you be prepared?”

-Marc C. Barry- OSS President


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