OSS was created out of the immediate and desperate need for a realistic officer survival kit to be readily available to every law enforcement officer/agent in the field, directly in harms way. Most departmental “Trauma” shooting kits or patrol car first aid kits are simply unfit and grossly under equipped to “save” officer lives when involved in a penetrating trauma injury with severe hemorrhaging.

At OSS we are all Police Officers and Special Operations Combat Medics with decades of experience operating in some of the most diverse and volatile regions in the world. We have equipped all our packs with the most advanced medical gear available yet designed to be used by an average patrol officer with no medical experience.

We understand first hand, the budgetary problems that plague each department and law enforcement agency. We have solutions in place to help obtain the vital lifesaving gear and operational equipment that is needed for our officers and agents to remain safe while putting themselves directly in harms way. We as police officers are solely dedicated to getting these packs into the field where they will have an immediate and direct impact on saving officers lives! Please feel free to contact us with any concerns, comments or for advice.

Our Contact Information:

Officer Survival Solutions
6353 El Camino Real,. Suite M
Carlsbad, CA 92009

24 Hour Support Line (858) 776-4425

If urgent please contact Marc directly at:


Cage Code:6E7E0

DUNS: 967760823